It’s 1990 in the small Turkish village of Anafatarla just up the road from ANZAC Cove. Adil Sahin (centre) is one of the last survivors to have fought the ANZACs in April 1915. Here to meet him and shake hands is Tom Brain (right) from Bayside Melbourne. Tom and Adil never fought against each other. Tom was with the 6th then 59th Battalions and missed the Gallipoli landing but went through the horror of Fromelles in northern France in 1917. Adil never left the Gallipoli area. Here during the 75th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing these two men represent the last of two opposing forces. Surrounded by Australian and Turkish friends they swap stories, slouch hats and badges. Adil’s surname, Sahin, means hawk in Turkish and he was delight to know that he shared the same name as our then prime minister, Bob Hawke. Tom was a friend and I was privileged to be here that day and I’m pleased to recall this significant moment in our ANZAC story. There was a happy post script to this visit after a few Australians discovered that Turkish residents in Anafatarla village had suffered a very cold winter in 1990. The Aussies saw to it that a shipment of blankets was sent to them in time for the next winter. In gratitude one villager sent the Aussies an old enamel ANZAC military water bottle he had found on the battlefield.