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I am having problems setting up an Account. What should I do?

We suggest that you view our ‘How to Register To Add Content’ video below.  Make sure you create a unique username that isn’t already in use by another member. You will need to confirm your agreement to the ‘Use of Content’, answer the ‘Antispam Question’ correctly. And don’t forget to agree to the terms and conditions.

If you are still having problems don’t hesitate to contact us at or 1300 729 502 and we will assist you in setting up an Account.

What does registering allow me to do?

Registering allows you to share your stories and tributes with the Post A Poppy community. You can also select one of our designed images/expressions to post with your tribute should you not have any photos or videos about the person you are remembering.  It also allows you to comment on other posts, where discussions and common backgrounds may be discovered.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

When you attempt to login to add content you will find a “Forgot your password?” link in the top right hand corner. Simply click on the link and complete the fields and we will send you an email on how to change your password.

I'm having upload problems, help me!

We have developed 3 videos to show you how to post content so we encourage you to view these.  If you are still having difficulties please contact us at or 1300 729 502.

The site won't load for me. What can I do?

1. Check our Facebook page – for news and updates on any service interruptions that may be occurring.

2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and then restart.

3. Try a different browser (such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari) to see if it is a local issue on your browser.

Can I delete my post?

Yes. To delete a post click on the red ‘delete’ button that sits above your post.

Please note that deleting a post will remove any comments that have been made on the post also.

Can I edit my post?

No, you can not edit your post.  If you have made a mistake and wish to edit your post, you can email us the changes using the contact form below, and we will make the changes for you.  Please include the Post Title and your Username in your email to us so that we edit the correct post.

Can I remove my account?

Yes, you can remove your account. To do this, please click on ‘View Profile’ under ‘My Account’ (You must be logged in to do this), and then click on the ‘Delete Profile’ button.

Please note that removing your account will delete any posts that have been made with the account.  Your comments on other peoples posts will remain on Post A Poppy.

How do I edit my account?

To edit your account, click on ‘View Profile’ under ‘My Account’ (you must be logged in to do this).  Then click on the red ‘Edit Profile’ button.  Simply change the details you wish to change and then click ‘Save Changes’.

Will my personal details be shared?

No.  We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, unless required by Australian privacy laws.

Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

Can I report inappropriate content?

If you have seen any content that you deem to be inappropriate please report it to us immediately. To do this click on the blue flag icon (above posts and beside comments), fill in the details, and a member of our team will review the content and take a decision on whether it should be removed.

Why have I been blocked from using the site?

We have onsite limits in place to encourage only appropriate content be added to the site.  These limits look for accounts which appear to be using a feature in a way other than it was intended. If we deem that someone has added inappropriate content we will take steps to block you from posting further content.

Users have the ability to flag inappropriate content and we will moderate the site in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What is copyright infringement and how can I avoid it?

Copyright infringement occurs when someone uses a part of another person’s copyrighted work without permission or licensing in place. We ask all users of this site to only post content that they have permission to use.

How do I become a partner of Post A Poppy?

All enquiries on how to become a Post A Poppy partner should be sent to


Question, comment, concern about Post A Poppy? Or have an idea on how we can improve our site?
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Emails over the weekend will be checked periodically.